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Mystery's Jewell


lisa ~ Petals_frail

I'm not so bad with health anxiety now.. I'm on pills! lol

I do quite a lot of craft makes with needle felt and clay

"They say in time you will get over the pain of losing the one you love, but for those who know 'real love' - Time is eternity".

"A true friend is someone who knows everything about you and still likes you."

The truth is. Everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to decide whos worth the pain...

Im a sinner but more of a saint :-)

I love the friends i have. I like to make new ones also. So if your genuine, open minded, mature and a friendly person il probably welcome you in, so come and say a hi if you think your a lifelong friendship type. My journal is mostly friends only so send me a message :-)
As you can see there is a very small selected friends list as i prefer quality over quantity.

Im a regular user of facebook also and am happy to add there too if we become better acquainted here first x

Ive had my share of people like most, at one time or another that dont breathe or digest before they speak. I dont like fishwives, flame throwers or people that generaly 'kick off' too easily. The kinds that say they dont like drama but do drama. Please be mature and if you are damaged by lifes path i do understand it as i have my own issues but please dont be too damaged that your basically a dragon!! :-0 Though you can huff and puff on reasonable intervals in reasonable directions lol

Gentle people with some oomph to them is ok by me :-)

I like watching great films not so much the typical blockbuster but deep sentimental thought provoking kinds
I love photography. I am no expert but i do believe i have an eye for beauty. I am so pleased when i get a capture that is just perfect to me. Images are beautiful

My box of sentimentals, gifts and words written from lj friends:

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Date Created:06/11/02
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Mysteryfem is a possible Angel Mermaid at 42 yrs old :-o who loves cats. She wears her angel halo on top of her sometimes playful devil horns. She has known true love, true saddness, and holds dear the loyalty of true friends. She is drug, smoke and alcohol free. There are mysteries to her that only the very few will ever uncover and know.... In the depths, in the darkest waters she can look back upon her dream of past love and past hope but her days now have no theme. For there is no rope that she can cling to and her wings are tattered and torn she may be a mermaid or an angel but all she knows is true shes holding her breath underwater but could be reaching her hands out to you. Her smile has triggered a many of tears A smile barricaded by an army of fears
Strengths: She has great inner strength, and she is sensual,spiritual and emotional. She cannot be drawn into following suit, she is very much her own person. Bitchyness neither jealousy never becomes her. She is loyal and can stand her ground. She says what she means and does as she says.
Weaknesses: Her emotional side is sometimes responsible for her getting hurt too easily. Hyperchondria and real illness is a bad combination to have in her life. Too much sadness too soon in her life makes her wonder if she backs away from any happiness now, for the fear it will be taken away or that she cant handle living a life to the full feeling it will be disloyal to her past promise she once gave to herself. She finds it hard to let go, sentimental)and too fragile.
Special Skills: Quick witted tongue, sense of humour,the ability to know her own mind very well and the capability of reading others. Shes a good actress, imaginative and creative. Nice and gentle. She listens as well as she hears. Good at putting her tootsies in other peoples shoes. Honest to herself aswell as others.
Weapons: Under that demure exterior, there beats a criminal heart. You dont want to cross her, youll suffer the possible consequences, shell be loyal to that too. Devious,crafty,imaginative. The rest is part of the mystery...they are well concealed. Youll be drawn in by the sweet nature and before you know it, youll be swinging in the breeze. In her eyes maybe youll get lost, and then washed away..... Speech,friends,poison could be handy and she would use a gun if she thought she was gona be a gona anyway ;-)
Allies: Mysteryfems allies know who they are. They used to appear in fish-form but now they can walk on land too, they come in all shapes and sizes, but she rather goes to the educated kind. All allies have unique talents and know how to fight for the best of causes, strength and determination comes when you believe in what you are fighting for she makes sure she chooses her allies who see her through rose coloured glasses or truly love her...

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